Monday, March 24, 2014

Arduino LCD Rotary Encoder Menu

Development of a menu system has been started for use on the Arduino based Distributed Power Node (DPN). A simple method of using just a single rotary encoder with a push switch is the direction. The current idea is a single level menu using press and hold to change the value of the menu options. I got that working but I am having performance issues in updates even though it is using interrupts.

2 Meter TX PCB cut

I cut out the 2 Meter TX PCBs and began to populate one this weekend. It is a bit tighter than I hoped, but should work.

Monday, March 17, 2014

2 Meter TX PCB

Spent some time making a PCB for the small 2 Meter crystal oscillator transmitter. I have added a PICAXE to modulate it now. We will see how these boards work out.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Simple 2 Meter crystal transmitter

Using some inexpensive computer crystals from China at less than $2 each, I built up the basic oscillator portion of this Radio Locator Beacon and got surprisingly good results. I want a light weight 2 meter transmitter for a simple balloon project (cheap because it may get lost!). The oscillator ran fine from 5 to 6 volts and I keyed it with an Arduino and it remained stable. Need to couple a simple whip antenna and power and I will be set. I may try to make a PCB for the design.

Monday, March 3, 2014

More Progress on Tiny Packet Network (TPN) Protocol

Moving forward with the Tiny Packet Network (TPN) Protocol. Using the three reference platforms I setup a master and two slaves. The new code uses the protocol in a command response mode with the hybrid digipeating ability. The slave code can now respond to commands to change the color of the NeoPixel on the board. Next the query or answer back function will need to be implemented to read the analog pot and the command timer status. Once the protocol is proved out more it will be document better than the current rough notes.