Saturday, August 22, 2015

Balloon Payload Update

The balloon tracker payload is almost finished. I integrated the DC/DC converter for the transmitter power and tested the whole package running on it own with the battery pack and the dipole antenna.

The antenna  mounts to the box with plastic bolts. I am running it on alkaline batteries now but will be using lithium batteries for the flight. The total weight is 315 grams - Battery (160g), Tracker (75g), Box (70g), and antenna (10g).

I placed it at about 20 feet and I was picked up by other digipeaters:

2015-08-23 00:59:16 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-1*,qAR,K6CPP:>Ballon Experiment 001
2015-08-23 00:59:16 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-1*,qAR,K6CPP:/005856h3346.60N/11802.42WO012/000/A=000039 09.0V 123F 
2015-08-23 01:00:09 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-1*,qAR,W6KL-2:>Ballon Experiment 001
2015-08-23 01:00:09 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-1*,qAR,W6KL-2:/005856h3346.60N/11802.42WO012/000/A=000039 09.0V 123F 
2015-08-23 01:00:28 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-1*,qAR,K6CPP:/010017h3346.61N/11802.42WO301/000/A=000037 09.0V 122F 
2015-08-23 01:00:37 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-4*,qAR,K6CPP:/010024h3346.61N/11802.42WO223/000/A=000037 09.0V 122F 
2015-08-23 01:01:17 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-4*,qAR,K6CPP:>Ballon Experiment 001
2015-08-23 01:01:18 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-4*,qAR,W6KL-2:/010024h3346.61N/11802.42WO223/000/A=000037 09.0V 122F 
2015-08-23 01:02:04 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-4*,qAR,W6KL-2:>Ballon Experiment 001
2015-08-23 01:02:30 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-1*,qAR,K6CPP:/010214h3346.61N/11802.42WO343/000/A=000036 09.0V 119F 
2015-08-23 01:03:35 UTC: WA6PZB-15>APOT30,N6EX-1*,qAR,W6KL-2:/010214h3346.61N/11802.42WO343/000/A=000036 09.0V 119F 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Payload Box

This last weekend a built the payload box for the balloon tracker. The box is 1/2 inch foam core with paper and white glue joints. The box and cover weigh in at 70 grams.