Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Folding Camper Build IV

Last weekend I finishes the insulation and support structure.
This weekend I finished the decking. It feels stiffer now and heaver too. The floor is now approximately 1 inch thick. Notice I support it now on the frame in three places. I may experiment with going back to two bars.
Hopefully the rest of the build goes faster. The walls don't need to support any significant weight so the framing will be lighter and should got fast. I intend to build the front wall with the door next then the top and sides.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Folding Camper Build III

Over the last two weekends I have continued to work on the camper floor. The first 3  feet will likely have the 6"X6" matrix since this it where I will be stepping into the interior. I have completed 2 feet of the insulated floor panel and am prepared to do the next foot next weekend. Here is the first foot.

And here is the second foot.
Once the third foot is completed I will use a spacing like this for the last five feet.