Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Camper Build VII

The latest work on the camper have been on the windows. I am going with a sliding widow design. The basic window is made using the "like wood" plastic trim material from Home Depot. You can see the size of the 1 foot square window relative to our cat below. I am using a plastic slider guide I found HERE . I will document it in greater detail when I get the tinted acrylic panels working in the slides.

The door is progressing as well. I am using a standard screen door handle for the latch. I had to make a longer pin for the outside handle to inside lever assembly and longer bolts but otherwise unchanged. I will be insulating the door and installing a optical peep on it too. Below is a current walk around.

I will begin the surface preparation soon for paint, but there are many small details I need to work on, but it is getting close.

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