Sunday, June 11, 2017

Camper Build VIII

It has been a while since I posted in general and regarding the camper build. The build continues  a bit each weekend with the following progress:

  • Windows with slider inserts completed
  • Insulating of the top and sides
  • Paneling of the front with door and one side
Here are the windows with screens in, looking in one to the other.

Here is the basic assembly of the windows using the synthetic wood trim material and the slider guides that are glued to the synthetic wood.

This is the black plastic sliding door tracks I am using that I got from Rockler

I am finishing up all the insulating with the R-TECH foam.

Here is the door insulated and sided with 2.7 mm thin door skin plywood.
Here is one of the sides insulated with the inside sidinging.
Once I finish the insulation and interior paneling I will begin the exterior finish. I am planning on a light epoxy fiberglass coating and then paint. I still need to work out the door latch assembly and the general weather sealing.

I am hoping to try it out camping in the late summer as well as fall/winter since it is insulated.

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